It all starts with a vision…

Our vision has always been to secure the legacy of BMX, by providing the opportunity to participate in the sport in a safe and fun environment while making the community aware of who we are and what we do to foster inter-generational passion for the sport through inclusive family involvement. Diamond BMX works to create growth through youth and community involvement in the sport of BMX; while providing the opportunity to develop the skill set necessary to build future Olympians. Hosting the first ever Canada Cup in Saskatchewan, history aligns with the vision of

Diamond BMX as it will inspire the youth of all club’s in Saskatchewan and Western Canada to see what they can become if they stick with the sport. They will be able to see the elite of BMX racing in action and encourage their own goals and dedication to the sport. The youth and community will be inspired.

The sport of BMX ranges in age groups from 3 years old to adult and is inclusive to all genders and minority groups. It allows for a wide range of participants and brings in their families and community due to the exciting nature of the sport. As a sport, BMX racing in Saskatchewan has historically been low in numbers but due to the vision of Diamond BMX, it is growing exponentially and now considered nationally recognized through hosting our first BMX Canada Cup!

The 2022 BMX Canada Cup is hosted in Warman, Saskatchewan—August 5th, 6th and 7th. We look forward to seeing you all out at this years event!


Thanks to our sponsors for making this event FREE to attend

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